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Descendants of Giles Poulton of Desborough, Northampton

Second Generation

2. Ferdinando Poulton (Giles ) was born in 1536 in Desborough, Northamptonshire. He died on 20 Jan 1618 in Bourton, Buckinghamshire. He is buried in the Chancel of Desborough Church. Ferdinando became a Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. He was a Commoner at Brasenose College, Oxford on 28 Jun 1556. He was a Lawyer at Lincoln's Inn on 5 Jun 1559. He converted to the faith of Catholicism in 1598. He was implicated in the Gunpowder Plot.

Ferdinando married Anne Underhill daughter of Thomas Underhill of Nether Etington, Warwick in Dec 1567 in Oxhill, Besborough, Warwick, England. Anne died after giving birth.

They had:

  3 F i A daughter.
        She married Alban Bulter.

Ferdinando then married Katherine Jackman daughter of William Jackman of Wing, Buckinghamshire about 1575 in Desborough, Northampton, England. Katherine was born about 1550.

They had the following children:

  4 M ii George Poulton was born about 1570 in Desborough, Warwick, England.
+ 5 M iii Francis Poulton
  6 M iv Ferdinando Poulton. He became a Jesuit Priest.
  7 M v Thomas Poulton. He also became a Jesuit Priest.
  8 F vi Eugenia Poulton was born in 1580. She was the founder of the English Benedictine convent in Ghent, and became its second Abbess.
  9 M vii Giles Poulton.

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